Czech Russian
Vladimir Zubov
Studies: He was studying history and art history at the Teacher's College in Moscow, and Czech at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague.
Occupation: Having completed his university education he was teaching history and Russian, at first at a basic school, later on at the grammar school in Kutna Hora.
In 1990 he established one of the first travel agencies in the Czech Republic and he dedicated almost ten years to carrying out business activities in this branch.
Creation: At the time of his being challenged by an oppressive life experience, he immured himself into his own world and started painting. Although he had always been willing to turn to painting, the personal crisis was the sparkle having ignited his active art performance. His brush and colours have thus become the right medicine for him to cure the depression he was suffering from

His early artistic period was marked by depressive moods; his paintings have a very suggestive effect. The characteristic topic of his early paintings is the issue of life and death, which is so close to the Russian mentality, fear of death and pain, and you can also trace religious motives.

Later on there is less and less pessimistic mood expression in his works, his paintings show more of love and reconciliation.

A special separate part of the author's work is formed by portraits. The idea to paint the first portraits have arisen from his effort to prove his ability to create realistic art. His love for the theatre and dramatic art has made him make portraits of mainly artists first.

However, also a number of prominent personalities from social and political circles own their portraits made by him.

Author has painted more than 500 pictures. He has had several exhibitions, his works can be found in private art collections in different countries of the world.